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Street Excavation

Excavations in any surfaced street or alley, whether a permanent or temporary surfacing exists on the street or alley at the time the excavation is made, shall be made to minimize effect on existing pavement, and all materials removed from the excavation shall be disposed of at some different location other than its origin. Such excavations and related pavement shall be restored per Figures A, B or C at the end of this Section. The applicant shall be responsible to place backfill as specified. Such placement shall only be accomplished after proper notice has been provided to the City Engineer. Such notice shall be given to allow for the proper inspection services to be provided. Any backfill placed without proper notice being provided shall be removed and restored under the City’s inspection. The pavement shall be restored by the City. If the initial payment is not sufficient, the applicant shall be required to pay the balance. Any excess amount shall be returned to the applicant. A sequence of required events, as stated herein, can be found on Figure D.

Street Excavation Drawing

Figure D:
A.  City receives application.
B.  City Engineer establishes the cost for:  pavement restoration.
C.  Applicant provides payment of twice the cost of pavement restoration.  One-half (1/2) of this shall be utilized for initial pavement restoration.  The remaining one-half (1/2) of the payment shall serve as a warranty as specified herein.  The inspection fee shall also be paid.
D.  Applicant notifies City when backfill operations will occur.
E.  Applicant places backfill with City inspector present.
F.  City restores pavement.  If the initial payment is not sufficient, the applicant shall be required to pay the balance.  Any excess amount shall be returned to the applicant.
G.  1.  After the required warranty period, the City shall return the deposit amount if it has been demonstrated that the right-of-way was properly restored.
2.  If the restored right-of-way has failed during the warranty period, the deposit shall be forfeited.  The City shall thereafter cause the excavation to be restored.  If the deposit is not sufficient, the depositor shall be required to pay the balance.  Any excess deposit shall be returned to the depositor.

A Street Excavation Permit is required for all work in the City right-of-way including sidewalks, streets, curbs and gutter, and associated driveways.

To obtain a permit, contractors should:
1.  Schedule a meeting with the City Engineer or his/her representative in the field to determine the scope of work
2.  Complete the Street Excavation Permit and pay a deposit and inspection fee (a Building Permit is also required for a sewer-line-repair.)
3.  Schedule your work with the City representative and keep them updated of your schedule or any changes.
4.  Notify the City Engineer or his/her representative when construction activities occur so proper inspections may be done.  Failure to provide such notification may result in the work not being accepted and the forfeiture of your deposit.  Deposit will be returned six (6) months after your application upon final inspection approval.
*Note, if a permit is not acquired a fine and/or penalty may be assessed

Deposit Amounts

Curb and gutter replacements$20.00
New curb and gutter
*City to excavate, backfill and compact base rock
*City to patch asphalt on street
$10.00 if sidewalk
Concrete street$8.00/square foot
Asphalt with rock base$8.00/square foot
Driveway work only requires deposit amount for street surface which may be damaged during construction

Building Permit Application
Street Excavation Permit Application