City Services

Bank Account Automatic Draft Application
Credit Card Automatic Draft Application

For details regarding usage rates for these services, click on City Services.  Water, Sewer, Refuse Collection payments only.

The following services are not provided by the City of Washington, but are provided by franchise agreements with the following companies. Questions regarding those services should be referred to these companies.

Telephone (AT&T) Service
Residential 1-800-464-7928
Business 1-800-499-7928
PBX & Key 1-800-231-1997
Residential 1-800-246-8464
Business 1-800-286-8313
Natural Gas (Missouri Natural Gas) Service
Cable TV (Charter) Service
Satellite TV (DIRECTV) Service
Electric (Ameren UE) Service

For telephone Local Service alternatives, see the listing provided in the front of the Southwestern Bell Yellow Pages.

For heating fuels such as Fuel Oil or Propane, see appropriate listing in telephone Yellow Pages.