All bills (real estate/personal property taxes, utilities, miscellaneous invoices) owed to the City of Washington must be paid, before a license will be issued. Proof of “paid” current year personal property and real estate taxes must accompany your revised business information. All contractors must provide a copy of their Certificate of Insurance showing proof of Worker’s Compensation, if you are to list any employees. A copy of your business license must be on display at all of your business locations, or on your job site.

Note:Effective January 01, 2009, in accordnace with State Senate Bill No. 30, section 144.083:

A statement of “NO TAX DUE” issued from the Missouri Department of Revenue, shall be required before the issuance or renewal of any city, county or state occupation license required for¬†conducting any business where goods are sold at retail.¬† The statement of no tax due shall be dated no longer than ninety (90) days before the date of submission for application or renewal of the license.

This form can be printed, then mailed or brought into City Hall with payment.