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About Washington

Washington Profile

Washington, Missouri is located approximately 50 miles west of downtown St. Louis, Missouri. It sits at the junction of state highways 100 and 47 with one of the few bridges over the Missouri River. It is an hour’s drive from downtown St. Louis via Interstate 44 or 70, and even less from the communities of St. Louis County.

Washington was one of the first American cities west of the Mississippi River. Washington is located on the Missouri River at the point where the River reaches its most Southern point. While not officially founded until May 29, 1839, there were settlers living at this location when Lewis and Clark started their trip to the west in 1804.

Today, Washington is a thriving city with a growing population. A center for shopping and medical services for the surrounding area, it is a wonderful city of parks, churches, public and parochial schools, commerce, and industry. Washington is the largest community between St. Louis County and Jefferson City.