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About the Engineering/Building Departments

The Planning and Engineering Services Department provides technical expertise in comprehensive planning, code enforcement and supervision of the construction and maintenance of public works projects.  These services are provided to ensure public safety, health, welfare and orderly growth of the City.

1.  City sidewalk and curb and gutter infrastructure with no hazardous conditions
2.  Provide street maintenance, rehabilitation and reconstruction in the most cost efficient manner
3.  Maximize AutoCAD and GIS systems to provide all City departments with useful mapping information
4.  Minimize sanitary sewer system inflow and infiltration
5.  Establish a schedule for construction of landfill phases and ensure its cost effective operation in conformance with MoDNR requirements
6.  All City buildings meet minimum standards for occupancy and safety
7.  City is bicycle and pedestrian friendly
8.  Provide the public with user friendly information

Title VI Program