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Street Closure Permit

Businesses and homeowners have the opportunity to request street closures events.  Each request is reviewed independently by the Police Department, Public Safety Department, Engineering Department and Street Department.  The findings of that review is presented to the Traffic Committee at its monthly meeting.  This ensures effective and efficient coordination across many City departments and ensures minimum requirements are met and concerns are mitigated.

Events that are City Council preapproved will still need to complete this application and provide all required submittals.  Events that are not City Council preapproved will require City Council approval.

Street Closure Applications must be paid for and received by the Engineering Department at least forty-five (45) days prior to the use date and will have a $100.00 administrative fee.  Only one (1) request per application.

Please contact Gina Vanek at (636) 390-1010 or via email

Street Closure Application