About the Administration Department

The administration of any city is not something that is done by one or two people. Effective administration takes the teamwork of elected officials, employees, and many volunteers. By the nature of the numbers of persons involved in the decision making process, there are some decisions that take time to research, discuss, and solve.

The City of Washington has an administrative staff of knowledgeable employees at City Hall, ably assisted by Department Heads and their employees. Decisions related to long range plans, financial direction, and laws and ordinances are made by the City Council sitting in public session. The City Staff handles decisions regarding the day to day operations of the City.

The citizens of Washington need to remember that not every decision will be agreed to by every citizen. The elected officials and the employees make the decisions they think are the best for the whole community. Citizens, as the ultimate “bosses” of the city, have the right and ability to make their comments known. This may be done via a “mailbox” on the elected official’s summary within this web site, by telephone to the official’s home, or in person.

No city could operate effectively without the volunteers that populate the many Commissions, Committees, and ad hoc groups. To those un-paid volunteers, go the thanks of the whole community.