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Urban Forestry Council

The Washington Urban Forestry Council (WUFC) is committed to fostering an increased awareness of and appreciation for the entire tree population of the Washington Community on private property and City grounds alike!

Our goal is to provide assistance to anyone for all aspects of tree selection, planting and maintenance.

1.  Designed and secured a grant for nineteen (19) White Oaks planted in a formal row on Third Parkway.
2.  Selected species, a columnar type Ginkgo, for the Jefferson Street Project.
3.  Established Washington as the first Tree City USA in the area.
4.  Sent an anti-topping mailing to City residents.
5.  Developed and distributed Riverfront Trail Brochure.
6.  Selected the species for Walmart Mitigation Project on Tieman Drive.
7.  Designed Front Street American Hornbeam planting.
8.  Completed two (2) extensive Riverfront Trail plantings.
9.  Annual Arbor Planting since its first year.
10.  Completed Washington’s first Tree Tag Project for City parks.
11.  Designed and completed Madison Avenue Water Tower planting.  This planting of native Missouri trees and wood plants included thirty-eight (38) species and involved forty (40) children from Washington Middle School and Washington High School.
12.  Developed and recommended a planting list to the City of Washington, see below.

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