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Crestview Water Tower Park

.10 acres

A Native Ozark Plant Community located at Crestview Water Tower Park
Members of the Washington Urban Forestry Council (WUFC) and other community volunteers helped to develop and establish the planting as a re-creation of a Native Ozark Plant Community in 2008. Dedication took place on Arbor Day 2009.  The Ozark region is known for its variety of trees and plants and Washington is located on the northern edge. The purpose of the planting was to educate the public about native trees and plantings and one of the main objectives was to increase canopy cover in the City of Washington.  Trees and “woody” plants that represent an Ozark forest were selected.  The planting is a place where people can look at the trees and plants, check the ID tags and then go to a nursery to buy some of the same for their yard.  Tree ID tags were added as an Eagle Scout project. The tree tag posts are native wood from Osage Orange trees.  These posts were selected because the wood is very durable, even in the ground.  There are approximately 73 trees onsite representing 28 species according to a tree inventory completed in 2018.

Among the native trees and plants, you will see:
•Spice Bush
•Shining Sumac
•Sycamore trees
•Pecan tree
•Persimmon tree
•Viburnum tree
•Short Leaf Pine tree
•Fragrant Sumac
•Bur Oak tree
•Hybrid Bur/Swamp Oak tree
•Black Gum tree
•Swamp White Oak
•Redbud tree

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  • Crestview Drive & Madison Avenue