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Monday – Area 1:
•East of and including Penn Street to east City limits, north of and including Ninth Street to the river
•East of and including International Avenue and east of and including Hara Lane to east City limits

Tuesday – Area 2:
•South of Ninth Street and from Highway 47 to Highway 100
•South of Jefferson Street and Eighth Street intersection (including both sides of Jefferson Street and Highway A), and east of Hara Lane and South of Highway 100

Wednesday – Area 3:
•North of and including Ninth Street from Jefferson Street to Penn Street
•South of Ninth Street, North of Highway 100 between Highway 47 and International Avenue

Thursday – Area 4:
•North of Fifth Street (except Windy Hills) and west of Jefferson Street to west City limits

Friday, Area 5:
•Windy Hills Subdivision
•South of and including Fifth Street, west of Jefferson Street to west City limits

2019 Refuse Holiday Schedule

01/01/20New Year's Day01/01/20Wednesday & Thursday on Thursday
01/20/20Martin Luther King Jr. Day01/20/20Monday & Tuesday on Tuesday
02/17/20President's Day02/17/20Monday & Tuesday on Tuesday
04/10/20Good Friday (1/2 Day)04/10/20Friday on Friday
05/25/20Memorial Day05/25/20Monday & Tuesday on Tuesday
07/04/20Independence Day07/03/20Thursday and Friday on Thursday
09/07/20Labor Day09/07/20Monday & Tuesday on Tuesday
11/11/20Veterans Day11/11/20Wednesday & Thursday on Thursday
11/26/20Thanksgiving11/26/20Wednesday & Thursday on Wednesday
11/27/20Day After Thanksgiving11/27/20Friday on Friday
12/24/20Christmas Eve (1/2 Day)12/24/20Wednesday & Thursday on Wednesday
12/25/20Christmas Day12/25/20Friday on Thursday
01/01/21New Year's Day01/01/21Thursday & Friday on Thursday

For the period of June 1, 2013 and thereafter, every owner of a dwelling house or of any house or building, any part of which is used for residential purposes within the City, shall pay $14.15 each month per family unit of such residential building to the City for the services.

For the period of June 1, 2013 and thereafter, persons over the age of 62 years shall pay the sum of $8.50 each month to the City for the services enumerated and provided in Section 220.060 of the City Code upon making application to the City Collector and furnishing the City Collector with proof of eligibility.

To set up services for refuse, please call Utility Billing at (636) 390-1045.


1.   Receptacles shall be placed out the night before after 6 p.m. on the day preceding the regularly scheduled collection day, but no later than 5 a.m. on the regularly scheduled collection day.
2.   Refuse must be brought out to the curb.
3.   Receptacles shall comply with either two of the following options:
Option 1:  No more than 35 gallons in volume and weigh no more than 50 pounds when filled with refuse, garbage or ashes.
Option 2:  Larger receptacles (greater than 35 gallons) shall meet the following current “Approved Refuse Container” list:

Current Approved Refuse Containers

TOTEREVR II96, 64, 48, 35, 3201-02-19

Residents can purchase TOTER Brand Containers at local stores.  For TOTER Cart specifications, visit
4.   In order to keep trash from blowing around, we ask that if you still bag your trash in the container.
5.   Rocks, heavy metal, waste oil, tires, batteries or hazardous waste will not be accepted.
6.  No biodegradable material or yard waste may be placed in refuse collection containers.
7.  For large items, the City will pick up curbside during Special Clean-Up Week.  If you have items that need to be disposed of sooner, click here to view what is accepted at the Landifll.
8.  The City will not pick up renovations, move outs or evictions.





As we continue to evaluate the COVID-19 situation, we have made the decision to suspend the E-Cycle Event (April 18th) and Big Trash Week (April 20th– 24th).  The reschedule date is To Be Determined (TBD).  This decision does not affect residential trash pickup. 

Large Items Collection
Large items not usually picked up during normal refuse will be collected curbside twice a year:  April 20 – April 24, 2020 and October 19 – 23, 2020 (same day as your trash pickup.)  Large items like swing sets/play sets must be dismantled.

Items not picked up:
•Hazardous materials
•Demolition/construction waste
•Move Out’s
•Railroad ties
•Large concrete/rocks
•Yard waste