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Loss Control Policy

The efficiency of any operation can be measured directly by its ability to control loss.  Accidents resulting in personal injury and damage to property and equipment represent needless suffering and waste.  Management has a responsibility to provide the safest conditions and equipment for all employees, as well as to conserve tax dollars.

Department supervisors are responsible for the direction and management of our accident prevention/loss control program.  Supervisors are primarily responsible for implementing an effective loss control program.  The City Administrator, supervisors and employees are responsible for the necessary formulation, implementation, compliance, and enforcement of safety rules and requirements appropriate within each department.

The City Administrator is responsible for ensuring that the loss control program is implemented, responsibilities are assigned, and goals are accomplished.  Employees are required to follow safe practices, adhere to safety rules, and support the program established by the City and the departments.  You provide the leadership, incentive and full support needed.

Department supervisors are responsible for instructing all employees under their jurisdiction in proper work procedures and  practices; for taking immediate corrective measures to eliminate hazardous conditions and/or practices; and for preventing accidents, whether personal injury or property damage.  You provide loss control training and retraining for all employees under your supervision.

As a condition of employment, City employees are required to exercise due care in the course of their work to prevent injuries to themselves, to fellow employees, and to the public.  You must adhere to all safety rules.

We must make every effort to reduce the costly and unnecessary burden of accidents.  This goal can be achieved only through the teamwork of all employees.