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19th Century Profile

The City of Washington has a long and interesting history. A brief summary of the 19th Century is given under the link below.  These summaries were prepared by the Washington Historical Society.

The Washington Historical Society has a large amount of material on the history of the City of Washington.  A number of books are available from the Historical Society on the history of Washington and has considerable genealogical information on past citizens of this area as well as a large collection of items.

19th Century Profile

Artist Anna Hesse’s rendering of early settlement at Washington’s Landing.

Dr. Elijah McLean’s substantial residence circa 1839.

Plat of Washington showing Wm. G. Owens’ original town boundaries.

Pacific Railroad came to Washington in 1855.

The Bright Star ferried passengers and cargo across the Missouri River.

Washington’s extravagant Grammar School built in 1871.

Home of world famous zither maker Franz Schwarzer.

Athletic equipment and theatrical stage in Washington’s Turn Verein Hall.

Washington’s skyline and riverboat landing at the close of the 19th century.