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Rotary Riverfront Trails – East & West

Riverfront Trail

The Washington Rotary Club donated $20,000 to help with the construction of the bikeway.

The east Rotary Riverfront Trail opened in 2001 and was recently renovated in the fall of 2020 after the new Highway 47 bridge over the Missouri River was complete.  The west Rotary Riverfront Trail opened in 2017.  The Washington Rotary Club donated substantial sums of money for both the east and west trail installations.

The trails twist though river bottom ground, prairies and offer scenic views of the Missouri River and the new Highway 47 river bridge.  The east trail is a 10’ asphalt trail while the west trail is a 12’ asphalt trail.  Restrooms and parking facilities are provided at each end of the trails.

East Trail Mileage Info:
•East Trail starting point – lower parking lot at Riverfront Park (boat trailer lot)
•To Highway 47 river bridge – .63 miles
•To east end parking lot (Kingsland Dr. by Franklin County Concrete) – 2.50 miles

West Trail Mileage Info:
•West Trail starting point – Kiosk in west parking lot (along Elbert Dr.)
•To start of west loop – .95 miles
•West loop – .37 miles
•Entire west trail (out and back) – 2.25 miles

Trail Rules:
Pets must be a leash no longer than 6’
The trails are daylight facilities only
Camping is prohibited
Open fires are prohibited
Clean up after pets and discard in trash receptacles
Fishing is allowed with proper state permit
Trails are closed during inclement weather
Motorized vehicles are prohibited. Motorized wheel chairs are permitted
Use the appropriate speed for the conditions
Trail users should keep to the right and should give audible warning when passing


  • 1 Elbert Drive
    Washington, MO 63090