Reserve Officer Program

The Washington Police Department has a Police Reserve unit that has become more active in the past few years. The function of a police reserve force is to supplement the regular work force with volunteer personnel who possess the proper state license that regular police officers have.

These volunteer officers apply for the position and must undergo a background check and other scrutiny prior to being accepted as a reserve officer. Once accepted and approved by City Council, they are supplied with all equipment, including uniforms, weapons, etc. They ride along with our officers to supplement our manpower and gain valuable experience. They have minimum requirements they must maintain in order to continue in their capacity as a reserve officer. Reserve officers are counted on to work parades, the annual Town and Country Fair, DWI checkpoints, and many other events that occur during the year.

The Washington Police Reserve unit is a valuable entity and serves our community well.

If you are interested in the Reserve Officer Program, please contact Lt. Mark Lindgren at (636) 390-1050.