The Desire to Walk Through Life
With the Ultimate Goal
Is the Only Fire That Burns Forever.
– Ferdinand Foch


The Washington Volunteer Fire Company is determined to be the most innovative and effective Fire Department in the Country.To achieve this goal, it will be one customer-oriented organization, a culture in search of excellence and greatest costeffectiveness in its delivery of fire prevention and protection, rescue services, property conservation, environmental protection and emergency management. Significant resources shall be devoted to maintaining the highest standards of performance within the realm of economic feasibility.


The Washington Volunteer Fire company’s purpose is to utilize in the most costeffective manner possible its allocated tax dollars and contributions invested by the citizens to minimize the impact of fires and other emergencies on life safety and property.


We are an innovative, nationally recognized fire department, providing quality service to the City of Washington and the Washington Rural Fire Association.

We are proud of the strength and diversity of our professional volunteer workforce and emphasize continuous service improvement, focusing on the preservation of life, property and the environment.

We recognize the value of our volunteers and their families. using participatory management, through the Washington Volunteer Fire Company, their input is solicited to improve department decisions and demonstrate commitment.

The department explores all options to provide resources necessary to meet our goals, and enjoy excellent cooperation and relationships with other agencies and policy makers.

The Washington Fire Department is prepared to handle all emergencies, including major disasters, that may occur in our community, and do so with environmental considerations, as well as cost effectively.

Office: 636-390-1020

FAX: 636-390-1026

Washington Volunteer Fire Company
Application Procedures

1.  Applications for membership in the Washington Volunteer Fire Company may be obtained at any time from the Assistant Chief or Department Secretary during normal business hours.

2.  The applicant will be given an application form to complete and return to the Assistant Chief.

3. Upon completion of the application, the Assistant Chief will conduct an oral interview with the applicant.  The completed interview form will be attached to the application.

4. The Assistant Chief will give the application to the Department Secretary, who will submit a request for background check with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

5. Upon receipt of the background check, the application will be given to the Chief for the first reading at the next regularly scheduled Company Meeting.  After the first reading, the application will be turned over to the Deputy Chief, for investigation by the Investigating Committee.

6. The Investigation Committee will review and verify the information on the application, and make a recommendation to the Fire Company to reject or accept the applicant as a Trainee.

7. The application and recommendation will be given to the Chief for a second reading at the next regularly scheduled Company Meeting.

8. The application will be read a second time at the Company Meeting, and the Fire Company will vote to accept or reject the applicant as a trainee.

9.  The accepted trainee will be assigned to a Section of the Fire Company by the Chief Officers, and receive from the Company Secretary a packet of forms to be completed and returned to the Department Secretary.