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Athletic Fields

•Athletic Fields are available for rent March through November.  Rental hours are 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
•Lessee must be twenty-one (21) years of age and must be on-site during the activity.
•Reservations are made on a first-come, first served basis.  No oral agreements for use of an athletic field shall be valid.  Dates will not be “reserved” and reservations are not confirmed until the application has been approved and an agreement has been signed by the Lessee and the City of Washington.
•Permits are required for all athletic fields for all organized uses (practices, clinics, camps, games, tournaments, etc.)  Lessee must have a copy of the permit at the time of the scheduled rental of the athletic field.
•Athletic fields are available for reservation and use for a minimum of one (1) hour.
•Times and dates must be made in blocks for consecutive dates and times unless otherwise approved by the City.  Failure to adhere to this policy will result in the Lessee being charged for any gaps in the schedule.
•The City reserves the right to schedule more than one (1) activity, event, league, or tournament at at time, subject to field availability.
•Use of the field(s) is non-transferable and no sublet shall be initiated by the Lessee.

Baseball/Softball (locations: Ronsick Field, Lakeview Fields, Barklage Field and McLaughlin Field)

CategoryGeneral Rate
Day Game (no lights)$20.00/per day
Day Practice (Ronsick only)$20.00/per day
Night Game (with lights; includes $10.00 reservation fee & $30.00 light fee)$40.00/per night
Lights$30.00/per game for 2 hours; $15.00 per hour for each additional hour
Field Prep (per field; includes dragging, lining and setting bases)$50.00/per day
Damage/Key Deposit$500.00
Fees could range up to $100.00 per day.  $100.00 is the max per day.

Soccer Fields (location: Lakeview and Midway at the Fairgrounds)

CategoryGeneral Rate
Day Game (no lights)$25.00/per game
Day Practice (Lakeview Fields only)$15.00/per practice
Night Game (with lights)$40.00/per game
Night Practice (Lakeview Fields only)$20.00/per practice
Initial Field Lining$100.00/per field
Re-Lining of Field$50.00/per field
Damage/Key Deposit$500.00
Game or practice is considered one (1) hour.

Football Fields (location: Lakeview)

CategoryGeneral Rate
Day Game (no lights)$25.00/per game
Initial Field Lining$200.00/per field
Re-Lining of Field$100.00/per field
Damage/Key Deposit$500.00
Game is considered one (1) hour.

Rates will be raised in conjunction with the Consumer Price Index (CPI) each calendar year.

Athletic Field Rules & Regulations
Athletic Prices